Classic Ribolla

Ribolla_small.jpgWinery: Simčič Marjan
Slovenian Collio (Brda), Friuli

Site: Medana vineyard. Vines 56-61 years of age. Hilly site at 200-250 meters facing NW. Soils are classic stony calcareous marl, locally called opoka. 

Grapes: 100% Ribolla Gialla, called Rebula in Slovenian.

Vinification and Aging: Four hours of maceration of the must with the skins at 18ºC. Soft pressing in pneumatic press. After racking clean, alcoholic fermentation at temperatures no higher than 20ºC in stainless steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation follows, with at least 8 months in tank on the fine lees. 

Notes: Ribolla is a local variety and gives great results specifically in the area of Brda and the Collio, in soils rich with marly clay and in close proximity to the Adriatic Sea. In the past, it tended to yield simple wines, due to the fact that the plant was allowed to carry huge yields. Marjan believes that this grape is the best to express the special terroir of his land. Marries beautifully with green salads, asparagus, white meats, shellfish, and all kinds of risotto. This wine will last up to ten years in the cellar. Production about 12,000 bottles.