postage_stamp_france.pngFew would dispute that the story of really fine wine begins in France. For decades and more, the wines Americans bought, if they bought wine at all, were French, and German whites. Indeed my own formative experiences, drinking wine at the dinner table as a teenager, were primarily French - a good bottle from the southern Rhone, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, or even good red Burdgundy with a fresh-shot grouse or woodcock. My step-father began collecting wine in the 50s, and his reference point was France. 

France's many noble grapes and appellations - these are the classics, and like classic clothing or design or music, French wine will never go out of style. It's not even about style. It's about intrinsic quality, value, and a deep, deep sense of tradition and love for the land felt by the good vignerons and wine producers, that hooks the wine lover and will never let him go. All roads lead to France, and eventually anyone who is interested in wine, even a modern drinker who was first hooked by a wine from California or Chile or South Africa, circles back to France where it all started so very long ago.

~ Joe Kotnik

Our FRENCH Wineries (by region)

(*) = Sustainable
(**) = Organic
(***) = Biodynamic