Truffle Dog Discoveries

Meet Duca - Our Truffle Dog

duca2.jpgA few years ago, while visiting Moroder winery in Le Marche, Italy, we were invited to go truffling in their private truffle forest. A man pulled up, opened the trunk of his car, and out popped "Duca," a gorgeous young truffle dog-in-training. (That's happy Duca in the photo.) We were spellbound as we watched the trainer work with the dog - and our mouths watered with the thought of the gastronomic treasures he would help us find. We finished that afternoon having found at least a dozen large and medium black truffles, and we ate like truffle kings at Moroder's restaurant "Aiòn". 

Later, while discussing our ideas about wine and our selection process (perhaps inspired by a bottle of excellent Poulsard from Philippe Bornard), we realized that the "Truffle Dog" provided a wonderful metaphor for our work. Like Duca, we work hard running around the world in search of something wonderful, something hard to find, something of the earth, aromatic, delicious, something dear. It is our work, and we can't imagine doing anything else. 

truffle-md.pngOur Truffle Dog Discoveries

We certainly believe every wine we sell is special. But some wines deserve to be highlighted, underscored, marked - as a special find indeed. Our Truffle Dog Discoveries are wines (new to the portfolio or not) that we feel obliged to single out as something particularly special in the context of place and time. Prosecco for New Years Eve. Beaujolais for Thanksgiving. A fantastic new vintage in Barolo. An exciting new arrival to the portfolio. We're proud of every wine in our book but sometimes we just need to bark about some of our selections.