Gemma del Sole

ippolito_gemma.jpgWinery: Ippolito

Appellation: Passito Bianco
Designation: IGT

In a few words: A beautifully brilliant dessert wine you won't soon forget!

Grapes: 100% Greco Bianco, hand harvested and then laid on mats to dry for about 40 days in the sun.

Fermentation and Aging: Once the grapes have been dried, the resulting raisins - rich in sugars - are softly pressed. After a slow fermentation, the wine is refined in french oak barrels for 12 months. 

Notes: Consistent with Ippolito's philosophy of highlighting their indigenous grapes, the idea of producing a great dessert wine from Greco Bianco, the most ancient grape varietal from Calabria was very appealing to the winemakers. Due to the brightness and intensity of its color, they called it “Gemma del Sole” - the name given to the yellow topaz by ancient Greeks as an auspice of serenity, nobility of soul and sincere honest friendships.

A powerfully bright topaz color, this wine comprises an intense and complex aroma of citrus, dry figs and honey. The taste is sweet, persistent and well balanced. An excellent dessert wine, also ideal with aged cheeses.