Prosecco_back-new_small.jpgWinery: Colli Euganei
Vò (Padova), Italy
Appellation: Veneto
Designation: DOC


In a few words: Yum!

 Site: Volcanic and fluvial. Lime - argillaceous.

Grapes: Prosecco (Glera)

Fermentation and Aging: In large, closed containers. Temperature controlled.

Notes: This typical sparkling wine is made from Prosecco variety which Euganean Hills wine growers carefully transform following the secondary fermentation of the Charmat process. The colour is straw yellow, sometimes with greenish reflections; the perlage is fine and constant. The aroma is crisp, fruity, with flowery hints. The flavour is soft, lively, but not aggressive. It is an excellent aperitif or it can accompany any dish without sauces.