Logo.jpgWith incredible views of the precipitous Rock of Solutré and Vergisson - iconic landmarks in the Mâconnais - the domaine occupies an extraordinary site. The vineyards in an amphitheater- shaped bowl, with nearly all the vines growing in an arc around the family home and winery outbuildings.

Located at Prissé in Saône-et-Loire, the Domaine de la Feuillarde has been run for the last 20 years by Lucien Thomas who took over from his father and grandfather before him, going back to 1934. Over the past 20 years the domaine has grown in size from 10 to a total of 19 hectares under vine. Vineyard age is profound, averaging 40 years, including one hectare of 80 year old vines, and another two hectares of 60 years. The bulk of the production is Saint-Veran, with an additional 1.8 hectares in Fuissé and Vergisson.

Lucien brings to the job rigorous working methods, aimed at perfection. “I know exactly the kind of quality I want to produce and the work calls for a draconian approach.” He also brings a new eye to the task, having studied business before working for 15 years in agriculture.

Working methods in the vineyards have profoundly changed and are aimed at lower yields. Today the Feuillarde domaine is Certified “Agriculture Raisonée” (low impact farming


Quick Facts

Winery: Domaine de la Feuillarde
Region:  Burgundy (Mâconnais)
Locale: Prissé (lieux-dit "La Feuillarde)
Farming: "Agriculture Raisonée" (low impact farming)

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