Rocca di Tufo

RoccaDiTufo_logo.jpgGiovanni Dubini begins his story: “2,500 years ago, the Etruscans dug deep into the local “Tufo” and created the first temperature-controlled cellars in the world!” His passion and enthusiasm are remarkable, as are his good-natured and easygoing manner.

Giovanni’s father bought the property in 1968: the family came from near Lake Como to vacation, fell in love with the area, and finally planted roots - literally. No vines existed; the winery was conceived and developed completely from scratch. Currently 23 ha of vines cover the estate.

The quality of Dubini’s output is legendary, the white wines being some of the most age-worthy in all of Italy. Giovanni keeps it simple, touching as little as possible during the process of growing and making his wines. In fact, all his wines are organically produced, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides whatsoever.

The winery is absolutely immaculate. Rocca di Tufo is a new cuvée, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to work with it - and to await what next develops. For in the words of Giovanni: “We have not the acidity of the north, or the sun of the south, so I must produce a classic wine of central Italy”. Of that we can be sure.


Quick Facts

Winery: Rocca di Tufo (Palazzone)

Region: Umbria

Locale: Orvieto, Italy

Farming: Uses organic practices

Available Selections