A Posto

Logo.jpgA Posto was born of an old Italian idea: that wine should be drunk every day, with practically every meal, and that it must therefore not only taste great, but also be affordable. Wine's first duties are to be delicious, and to function well at the table. Whether at a restaurant or at home, A Posto accomplishes this double duty beautifully. 

 The expression "tutto a posto" - literally, "everything in place" means "it's all good!" It is an expression all Italians hear every day, amongst friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances. The wines are everyday wines, and the expression is an everyday expression. The phrase expresses contentment, and it echoes the core concepts of our portfolio, namely that great wine comes from Some Place and should have something to say about that place. 
We source A Posto in Nizza Moferrato, which is one of the prime growing areas for Barbera. In the Langhe, further to the south and west, the best vineyard sites are inevitably planted to Nebbiolo. In the hills of Monferrato, they are planted to Barbera, which performs better than Nebbiolo in this terroir and where in fact Barbera is thought to have originated. Soils are primarily tufa, based in limestone and calcareous material, and provide excellent drainage. 
The cantina, which is now one of the most technologically sophisticated in the entire region, was founded in the '50s, and has continued to grow in importance until today. The vineyards are interspersed with wooded areas with forests of pine, oak, chestnut, beech, and elm.

Quick Facts

Region: Piemonte (Piedmont)
Locale: Nizza Monferrato, Italy
Farming: Conventional

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