montellori.jpgTuscany has a millennial history and tradition of winemaking and of the cultivation of vine, but Tuscany’s leading names are, for the most part, of fairly recent date. The Nieri family of Fucecchio, a township in the western part of the province of Florence, is an important exception to this rule. Though located in an area which, in terms of the major traditions of Tuscan winemaking, is somewhat out of the mainstream, the family’s Montellori estate celebrated its centennial anniversary as a producer of wine in 1995.

The villa and surrounding grounds, which constitute the historical nucleus of Montellori, were purchased in 1895 by Giuseppe Nieri, who made the decision to invest in real estate and agriculture the important profits realized in leather trade. Planting of vineyards and the production of wine were integral parts of Giuseppe Nieri’s new life and the pioneering work of purchasing and planting continued under Mario Nieri, son of Giuseppe. In the 40’s, the casks previously used for the fermentation of the grapes were replaced by glass lined cement tanks. Bottling of Montellori’s wine under its own name and label occurred during the 1950’s. 

The greatest impulse to Montellori’s development, however, occurred under the leadership of Giuseppe Nieri (b.1929-d.1998). Vineyard acreage increased to its current level of 55 hectares. Renewal of the cellar equipment went forward introducing temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Small oak barriques began to appear in the Montellori cellars during the 1980’s, aiding in the creation of wines of larger complexity and greater finesse. 

Over the past several decades the family and their house have aimed to create wines of true personality which express both the family’s working philosophy and the specific character of the soil and climate of their place of origin, the terroir. 


Quick Facts

Winery: Fattoria Montellori
Region: Toscana (Tuscany)
Locale: Fucecchio 


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