Vermouth Rojo

Vermouth.jpgWinery: Bodegas Primitivo Quiles

Site: High average temperatures, scarce rainfall, plenty of sunlight; soils are limestone with exceptional mineral content.

Grapes: 100% Monastrell

Fermentation and Aging: Made with a light base wine which is macerated with bitter, stimulating aromatic herbs such as fennel, sage and clove. This version is called ‘Rojo’ as the use of Arrope (cooked sweet must) gives the vermouth a reddish hue.

Notes: Vermouth, it is said, began with Hippocrates himself, who made and used the “herbal wine” for its medicinal properties.

Deeply fragrant on the nose. Beautifully complex and well balanced. Slightly sweet with a warming, spicy finish. Perfect addition to a great cocktail but exceptional on its own as well; perhaps on ice with citrus slices.