Fondillon.jpgWinery: Bodegas Primitivo Quiles

Site: High average temperatures, scarce rainfall, plenty of sunlight; soils are limestone with exceptional mineral content. The vines are 70-80 years old and each one produces no more than 1 kg. of grapes.

Grapes: 100% Monastrell

Fermentation and Aging: Aged in local Monóvar oak barrels using the traditional Solera fractional blending and maturation system, whereby each year only 1/3 of the wine is removed for bottling and a part of every barrel is decanted into the following one, refilling the loss with the best selection of over-ripe Monastrell grapes. Fondillón is known as the “noble wine” of Alicante, meaning that its high alcoholic content comes about naturally and is not fortified.  

Notes: Arguably the most famous wine of the entire Alicante region is the Fondillon produced by Primitivo Quiles. The winery is in fact one of “Los Nueve Magníficos” – “The Magnificent Nine” current producers of Fondillon, a highly treasured wine and a source of pride in Alicante and Spain.

A beautiful raisiny, balsamic and fine-wood bouquet. In the glass this wine reveals the spotlessly clean, toasted, nutty and raisiny nuances one would expect of a lengthy ageing process. A light sweetness balances perfectly with a crisp acidity and toasted tannins that are the result of lengthy ageing in the barrel. Ideal as an aperitif or after dinner with dried fruits, nuts or desserts; or perfect by itself.