Primitivo Quiles

Quiles_logo.pngPrimitivo Quiles is the oldest winery in the Alicante region, with the family’s winemaking practices dating all the way back to 1780. Eventually the family of growers decided to establish their own winemaking business and in 1903, Don Primitivo Quiles Verdú founded the present winery in Pinoso, later moving to the present location in Monóvar to facilitate the transportation of their wines.  Through the centuries, the winery has produced not only remarkable wines but generations of experienced winemakers as well. To this day, the business operates under the direction of the newest generation of the Quiles family, Francisco and Primitivo.

This deep sense of history is a fundamental theme at Primitivo Quiles, starting with the grapes themselves. From the very beginning, the Quiles family grew primarily Monastrell, a grape which is traditionally grown in the region and which is still the winery’s primary focus. This spicy, thick-skinned grape thrives in the extremely hot and dry climate of the region.

Arguably the most famous wine of the entire Alicante region is the Fondillon produced by Primitivo Quiles. The winery is in fact one of “Los Nueve Magníficos” – “The Magnificent Nine” current producers of Fondillon, a highly treasured wine and a source of pride in Alicante and Spain.  Primitivo Quiles has continued to successfully preserve and market their Fondillon ‘El Abuelo’ Solera 1892 for over one hundred years!

Francisco and Primitivo continue to uphold the family’s philosophies, maintaining the conviction that a wine responds to the particular conditions of soil and climate which shape its character, and which are unique to each and every corner of the planet. The family continually strives to achieve a differentiated and clearly identifiable product that speaks to the quality of the great historical wines of the land, with its special characteristics – “this corner of the Mediterranean called Alicante.”


Quick Facts

Winery: Bodegas Primitivo Quiles
Region: Alicante
Locale: Monóvar, Spain
Farming: sustainable

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