Ocho y Medio Tinto Velasco

Finca_la_Estacada_Tinto.jpgWinery: Finca la Estacada
Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Locale: Tarancón
Designation: DO

In a few words: The coolest wine you've never heard of!

Site: Clay with a lime substrate, at an altitude of 850 (ocho y medio) meters above sea level.  "A vineyard in the clouds!"

Grapes: Tinto Velasco. Possibly Finca La Estacada has the only plantings of this grape.  The first references to Tinto Velasco appeared in the early nineteenth century as a variety grown in areas bordering the province of Toledo. Its development as a plant and as a fruit is very similar to the tempranillo, although with a slightly larger berry size and a slightly later maturing

Notes: The aromas of café, blackberry, and chocolate lead to a full bodied wine with dark fruit and good acidity that finish in toasted notes of dark fruit.