Finca La Estacada

Finca.jpgFinca La Estacada was originally a farm belonging to the descendants of King Ferdinand VII's widow, Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies.  It was bought by its current owners, the Cantarero Rodríguez family, in the mid-20th Century.  The plot was known as La Estacada as far back as Roman times, when the road between Segóbriga and Completum (now Alcalá de Henares) passed through it.  

The Finca La Estacada Winery was founded in 2001.  It was a long-standing dream of the Cantarero Rodríguez family, who had already made quite a name for themselves in the oenological world.  From the moment it opened for business, they were determined to get the very best from their vineyards, preparing grapes to become wines that would be renowned both for their desirability and good value. Wines with an identity of their own.

The earth is the origin of everything. Finca La Estacada is built to suit the earth on which it stands.  Its Mudejar brick buildings are typical of the region and they blend in perfectly with the landscape.  The gently rolling hills around Finca La Estacada are carpeted by 278 hectares of vineyard, some of which are 7-10 km from the winery.  The name Estacada (fence) reminds visitors of planting, of the earth, of growing fruit, of open spaces where the vine is king.

Quick Facts

Winery: Finca La Estacada
Region: Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Locale:  Tarancón

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