Emendis_logo.jpgEmendis is located in an ancient farmhouse, called a “masía” in Catalan, in the hamlet of Castellet i la Gornal in Penedès, near Barcelona. The name Emendis comes from the first resident of the masía, a woman who according to historical records founded the estate around 1186. The masía is in fact still owned by a woman, Anna Valles, who works with her husband Jordi and the rest of the family to make wines and cavas in the Penedès.

The vineyard consists of 48 hectares of clayey soil, low in organic material and chalk but with a high magnesium content which brings the acidity necessary to maintain the fresh taste of the cavas. Emendis is practicing integrated agriculture, respecting and coexisting with the natural flora and fauna in the vineyards. 

All of the vineyards directly surround the winery, an important consideration because the harvest  generally takes place in August while the weather is still quite hot. With the vineyards so close, the freshly-picked grapes are taken directly to the winery where they are chilled at 5ºC for several hours to prevent fermentation from starting before they are pressed, and avoiding any damage from transport and high temperatures. All of the estate’s harvest is done by hand, in 20kg crates. 

Quick Facts

Winery: Emendis
Region: Alt Penedès, Barcelona
Locale:  Castellet i la Gornal (Barcelona)
Farming: Agricultura integrada (sustainable)

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