Bodegas Campos Reales

Campos-Logo.jpgCampos Reales was founded in 1950. It is situated in El Provencio, a small town near Cuenca, on the northwest portion of the vast Spanish plain of La Mancha. El Provencio is lovely, retaining much of its medieval heritage and is located on the trail followed by the most famous man from La Mancha, Don Quijote. 

La Mancha is high, and dry. Winters are cold, summers are very warm but with fresh, cool evenings, perfect conditions for ripening the grapes while retaining the acids necessary for balance, and for development of aromatic complexity. The climate is ideal for growing healthy grapes, needing minimal attention, or treatments for vineyard pests. 

Campos Reales is specialized in Tempranillo (locally called Cencibel), and indeed the winery has won many awards in Spain and outside of Spain including “Best Young Red of Spain.” The winery is owned by the growers and includes some 4,000 hectares of vineyards, with 600 hectares of Tempranillo including several plots with vines up to 70 years old, planted on original rootstock. One of the real miracles of this winery is that these old vine plots are included in selections for the Tempranillo Tinto Joven and Seleccion, instead of being hoarded just for a Crianza or Reserva bottling.


Quick Facts

Winery: Bodegas Campos Reales
Region: La Mancha
Locale: El Provencio, provence of Cuenca
Farming: Mainly conventional, with some experimental organic vineyards

Available Selections

Tempranillo Selección