Benito Santos

Bentito-Santos-Logo.pngSucesores de Benito Santos Winery is located in Galicia, on the northwest coast of Spain. It is 500 meters from the Atlantic Ocean. Fresh air and few temperature changes allow for grapes to mature properly. This location has been in place for more than 100 years, with a modernization in 2002, allowing today for production of more than 300,000 bottles of wine. The philosophy however remains: wine is made in the vineyard, not in the winery.

Benito Santos has 3 vineyards. Two of them, Saiar and Bemil, are protected by Romanesque Churches and the other is the legendary Vineyard of Xoan. Igrexario of Saiar Vineyard covers an area of 5.64 hectares in the parish of Caldas de Reis and is protected by the Romanesque Church of San Esteban de Saiar. Igrexario of Bemil Vineyard covers an area of 0.99 hectares in the parish of Caldas de Reis and is protected by the another Romanesque Church, that of Santa María de Bemil. Xoan Vineyard covers an area of 0.55 hectares and is the original vineyard of this cellar. Interestingly, fruit was produced during The Spanish Civil War in this vineyard and is 85 years old. The planting density is very low for the area: 500 plants per hectare. The system used in the three vineyards is classic guyot pruning. Harvest is done manually.


Quick Facts

Winery: Benito Santos
Region: Rias Baixas, Galicia
Locale: Pontevedra
Farming: Organic

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