Perticaia_logo.jpgGuido Guardigli has over 25 years of experience as a cellarmaster in Central Italy - primarily at such established and highly respected estates as Fattoria del Cerro, La Poderina, and in Montefalco, Scacciadiavoli and Colpetrone. At a time in his life when he could have comfortably retired, Guido instead chose to follow his life’s calling, investing in 15 Hectares of prime vineyard land in Montefalco (Casale), and earning for himself a Tre Bicchieri for his 2004 Sagrantino di Montefalco just 3 years after his first vintage on his own estate.

All the fruit is harvested by hand and all wine flows only by gravity in his winery. The name “Perticaia” is Umbrian dialect for “plow”, a terrific symbol for this joyful man who has worked hard with the land.

Quick Facts

Winery: Perticaia
Region: Umbria
Locale: Montefalco, Italy
Farming: Uses sustainable practices

Available Selections