cantine-cellaro.jpgCantina Cellaro was founded in 1972, about the same time as Cantina Settesoli, and long before Donnafugata or Planeta. The winery is located in Sambuca di Sicilia, near Menfi and Sicily’s south-western coast. Should you begin your travel in Sicilia by landing at the airport in Catania (on the eastern side of the island), the fastest route to Sambuca is north through Palermo and then south (driving via Corleone) to Sambuca. The autostrada is fast; all other roads are not good: stradaccie.

Cellaro represents 1000 growers and about 1700 hectares under vine. The wines, from local grapes, have always been good, serviceable. Important recent upgrades to the facilities have lead to better vineyard selections and this has lead to the development of new branding and partnerships.

The locally-born (Sambuca) young enologist Giuseppe Verde is at the vanguard of this movement and works hand in hand with super-talented Filippo Baccalaro to vinify the very best grapes for these new projects. Giuseppe studied enology in Alba – the area of Barolo and Barbaresco – and he understands that the world of wine is changing around him and his cantina (he and his father are members themselves, with about 20 of their own hectares) and he understands what must be done about it to compete successfully. Therefore gigantic leaps forward have been made in vineyard management, equipment, cellar treatment, and marketing.

Quick Facts

Winery: Cantina Cellaro
Region: Sicilia (Sicily)
Locale: Sambuca di Sicilia (Sicilia) Italy

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