Malvasia delle Lipari

castellaro-malvasia.pngWinery: Castellaro
Lipari, Italy
Appellation: Sicilia
Designation: DOC

In a few words: Truly, a "nectar of the gods". Born with the will to remember the traditional malvasia of the past; a symbol of an ancient civilization.

Site: This wine begins in a vineyard perched on steep terraces overlooking the sea. Sandy, volcanic, deep, fertile and rich in minerals. A Mediterranean climate; temperate, warm, windy, with great temperature changes throughout the day. 

Grapes: 95% Malvasia delle Lipari, Corinto 5% -- Grapes are grown using Alberello technique (free standing bush), and harvested by hand. For at least 15 days the grapes are sun-dried on special trellises, naturally concentrating the sugars. 

Fermentation and Aging: Direct pressing of the grapes in a pneumatic press. Must clarifi cation is exclusively done by static decantation at 20°C. Fermentation takes place in oak barrels where it stops naturally after many months. Wine is repeatedly decanted to obtain natural clarification and then bottled. 8 months refinement in the bottle.

Notes: A bright golden yellow.  Complex aromas of ripe apricot, figs, elderflower and raisin with hints of mediterranean maquis. On the palate, sweetness and acidity complete each other making it a pleasantly fresh wine. Perfect with the pastries and aged cheeses. Ageing potential 10-15 years or more.