Castellaro_logo.jpg In the Aeolian Islands, on the slopes of the Island of Lipari, in this land shaped by fire of his bowels, in this fertile land dominated by the sun, the winds and the sea, lies the Estate of Castellaro.

In this particular microclimate, on lands rich in geological history, with thousands of obstacles and difficulties, robust root vines ripen their important grapes, giving wines strong and soft at the same time. These wines of Tenuta di Castellaro express this wonderful land in a rich and authentic way.

Castellaro wines stem from a deep desire to share a corner of paradise that's such a part of the nature and character of the land and its people. So much so, in fact, that the logo is linked to the lands. It's really a tribute to the Aeolian Islands, a genuine and authentic product. You'll also notice, on the bottle, the I Vigneri logo, indicating a commitment to "use non-invasive methods and systems, to respect local traditions and our own ancient grape varieties as far as possible, and to avoid the damage that over-reaching ambition and egoism can cause." 

Salvo Foti has been instrumental in interpreting the culture and expressing it through the wines that are produced.

Quick Facts

Winery: Tenuta Castellaro
Region: Lipari
Locale: Lipari, Italy
Farming: Certified organic 

Available Selections