Borgo Maragliano

MaraglianoLOGO.jpgLoazzolo is a small village where historically late-harvest Moscato di Canneli was dried, like Vin Santo, under the heat of the eaves, to produce an unctuous dessert wine that now carries the Loazzolo DOC. Nowadays, Moscato d’Asti is perhaps more in fashion and the winery has gone from strength to strength – first with their fine Moscato d’Asti, and later with sparkling wines from the classic Champagne grapes and method, wines that rival Franciacorta both in quality and in price.

The family winery of Borgo Maragliano goes all the way back to 1750…the date the Galliano family purchased the property from the Maragliano family (it seems somewhat conservative to preserve the original name of an estate for 250+ years doesn’t it?). Carlo is the current generation of Galliani, with his beautiful wife Silvia.  Young, vibrant – Carlo is as charming as his wines. He speaks passionately about the terroir, with its sea-blown influence and sandy, calcareous soils (so full of calcium that if the water softener stops working, all the faucets freeze up in a matter of two or three days!), of the local people and of his travels to spread the word about these beautiful wines.

High altitudes are important for Moscato and Loazzolo averages 450 meters, giving freshness with the day to night temperature swings. The family farms 21 hectares of vineyards in Loazzolo, and recently took on 13 hectares in the region of Bracchetto d’Acqui, near Bubbio, where they grow the wonderful Piemonte Bracchetto.

Carlo is not a Barolo producer who happens to produce Moscato. Rather, Moscato, and other sparkling wines, are his calling card. This is a serious producer with a great future ahead of him.

Quick Facts

Winery: Borgo Maragliano
Region: Piemonte (Piedmont)
Locale: Loazzolo, Italy
Farming: Uses sustainable practices

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