Pascal Brunet

Logo_Brunet.jpgDomaine Pascal Brunet is 17 hectares of picture-perfect vineyards in the village of Étilly, complete with chestnut stakes and beautiful old vines, sited within view of the river Vienne, tributary of the celebrated river Loire. Its proprietor, Pascal Brunet has, since taking over from his father in 1979, continually added surrounding vineyards and has grown the estate from an original 1 hectare under vine. As is normal in Chinon, the vineyards are dispersed, both near the winery and some up to 5km distant, for a total of 5 different plots. The Loire valley being a cool climate area for viticulture, there is always the risk of frost and indeed on a recent visit in April 2015, the temperature reached down to 2ºC: had the temperature dropped 3 more degrees Pascal would have had a real problem on his hands. Unlike some, he doesn’t use fans or sprinklers to combat the frost. Maybe prayer. 
Pascal’s Chinon rouge is a thing of beauty - gorgeous Cabernet Franc with solid tannins and a beautiful, terroir-driven rusticity that is very appealing. And, there is Chinon Blanc - a real rarity in these parts. Pascal has just under one hectare planted, and the results are very promising.  

Quick Facts

Winery: Domaine Pascal Brunet
Region: Loire Valley
Locale: Étilly (Chinon)
Farming: Lutte Raisonée (certified sustainable viticulture)

Available Selections