Côtes du Jura "En Griffez"

LAigle_En-Griffez-label-100.jpgWinery: Domaine L'Aigle à deux Têtes
Vincelles, Jura, France
Appellation:  Côtes du Jura
Designation: AOC

Southern Jura, a one-hectare old vine site, calcareous marl, very steeply sloped (30%).

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay (locally called Melon d'Arbois.)

Fermentation and Aging: The harvest is late in this northern appellation, as the grapes require plenty of time to ripen. After picking, the grapes go straight into the barrel: recent burgundy barrels, where they are fermented with their own yeast (no inoculation). The wines are aged on their fine lees until they are ready for bottling, then rest in the bottle until their release to the market.

Interesting to know: A “Griffez” is an eagle’s talon – and the wine takes its name from talon-shaped fossils found in the vineyard.

Pairing: Roasted Bresse Chicken, or any high quality chicken would be considered classic. However, try it with charcuterie…sausages or paté.

Vintage: 2008