Eric Louis

domaine-eric-louis-logo.jpgDomaine Eric Louis traces its roots back to 1860, when Eric’s great-great-grandmother Pauline sold her wines at the local markets. Eric, a 4th generation grape grower, is a serious farmer in the commune of Thauvenay, which rises in altitude from about 150 to 300 meters above sea level and above the banks of the Loire. Eric creates lovely, serious, “real” wines from low yielding vines planted in the flint, chalk, and clay soils of the commune. Though not certified, his 18 hectares of vines are tended organically, grass is allowed to grow between the rows to hold the soil and to preserve the water, and the lunar calendar is carefully observed for the best times to perform important viticultural and oenological functions.

Most of the vineyards are around the village of Thauvenay, though there is a small production from the vineyards in neighboring Pouilly-Fumé and Quincy. Annual production is around 75,000 bottles of Sancerre Blanc, Rosé, and Rouge.


Quick Facts

Winery: Domaine Eric Louis
Region: Loire (Loire Valley)
Locale: Thauvenay, Sancerre, France
Farming: Uses organic practices

Available Selections