buzet-logo.jpgLes Vignerons de Buzet is a society of vignerons that includes virtually all of the grape growers in this little-known appellation (AOC since 1973). Where the appellation includes about 2000 hectares, Les Vignerons includes about 1800 hectares, among 215 growers. Virtually all the farmers use organic fertilizers only, and minimal treatments, a point of real pride among the society. Indeed, the Society produced a document in 2012 detailing their commitments to biodiversity, sustainable vineyards, and evaluation of their carbon footprint. They are following ISO 26000 standards for responsible practices, and earned a very high score from this important international monitor. In addition, they have 30 hectares aiming to achieve Agriculture Biologique certification in 2012. (Download the report.)

In general, the appellation works with the Bordelaise varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, seasoned with Cabernet Franc. What attracted us to the project was the marvelous quality to price ratio, and the “off the beaten track” aspect of Buzet. A fine sense of terroir is found in the wines, and the uniqueness of this cooperative society, committed to preserving not only the environment but also the production and identities of the individual vignerons and chateaux is a project worth supporting.


Quick Facts

Winery: Les Vignerons de Buzet
Region: Gascogne (Southwest France)
Locale: Buzet-sur-Baïse
Farming: Organic and more

Available Selections

Merlot-Cabernet "Mozaic"