Weingut Josef Ehmoser


"The climate, the soil, the vineyards, the grape varieties and the people distinguish the wines of Wagram."

The Josef Ehmoser Winery is located in Tiefenthal in the village of Grossweikersdorf, located between Krems and Vienna. Here the third generation vintner Josef Ehmoser and his wife Martina contribute their efforts to the famous Austrian wine region Wagram. Five essential elements distinguish the wines of the Ehmoser Winery: the climate, the soil, the location, the grape varieties, and the vintner himself.

The philosophy of Josef Ehmoser Winery is “respect the environment” and this attitude is also reflected in their wines. To preserve natural resources, they intervene only when necessary and as little as possible. The wine labels also communicate their high regard for the natural elements: sun, water and, of course, the vines. "We are merely observers." It is only in harmony with nature that the true character of the wine thrives. Through deep understanding of the vine, the environment, and the natural processes, the grapes achieve balanced ripeness. The mission of the Josef Ehmoser Winery is to support the potential of the vines and highlight their innate character without forcing them on a prescribed path. In this way, nature’s vitality remains fully intact.

Quick Facts

Winery: Weingut Josef Ehmoser
Locale: Grossweikersdorf

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